Are You Sick and Tired of Seeing “Professional
Only” Products in Mass Market outlets available to the Public?


Why should You be interested?

·       Increase your Revenue

·       Control where your products originate and how they are distributed

·       Educational support in two key areas: Artistic and Business/Personal Development

·       Exclusive Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring for our members

·       Set yourself apart and become part of the Shift back to Professional Only

·       Create a Vision and game plan for a solid future

·       Order your Service and Professional Homecare products direct from YHS


iSuccess© Salon/Spa Program   
Since the 70’s, when the Professional Salon Industry began its transition from the existing model of seeing the same 50 clients each week, to the new model of seeing 50 new clients each week for their haircut and style appointment, the advent of change literally established a new order in our industry. The biggest changes: wet sets to haircuts, one stop in salon/spa shopping for clients and all their beauty needs, an evolving men’s clientele, chemical services, product movement through the Retail section of salons/spas as home maintenance for their services, a focus on education as a catalyst for higher levels of expertise in all areas of our creative abilities, a passion for the business, and ultimately the potential of generating the foundation necessary to build and grow strong successful businesses within the industry.  

Today we are looking at a business model that is in disarray. The once family owned companies such as Redken Labs, Matrix Essentials, Nexus, Sebastian, and Aveda have all sold to the giant corporations that while they speak the industry’s language, are more concerned as they have to be, to be able to declare dividends to their stock holders on a consistent basis. In other words, they are more concerned about the bottom line, as opposed to their salons / spas. Manufacturers have opened the flood gates on the established professional only products, making them available to anyone at any time, either at a mass market outlet or worse, the Internet. Shampoo has become no more than a commodity product, one that can be found in numerous outlets at competitive prices. Price now drives the sale of these products, as clients know where their brands are and where they are best priced.  

So where has that left the professional hairstylist / aesthetician? Upset and out of control. Products that once served as tools and solutions inside the salon/spa for services and their use as home maintenance advice are no longer there for them. Their clients can easily beat their pricing on products by simply going online and typing in the name of the manufacturer, where they will find numerous outlets; all pricing their products sometimes lower than salon pricing, and in the process losing revenue to the giant conglomerates.  

Fortunately, there is a solution to this mess we find ourselves in. Alan Benfield Bush, a veteran Industry Leader, has been working on this solution for years, creating YHS haircare to bring attention to the disarray within our industry and to contribute enrichment and empowerment to Stylist’s/Aesthetician’s lives. It is a concept drawn from the ash heap we now face in the industry, with everything finding its new order as the dust settles. James Hobart, another veteran Industry Leader, that has written the article, “The Death of the Professional Beauty Industry”, with over 40,000 online views has joined forces with Alan to launch The YHS iSuccess© Salon / Spa Program, managed by professionals that have spent the past 50 + years working for once professional only companies, bring a breath of fresh air to our now tired and devastated industry. YHS’s only channel of distribution is the professional salon or spa that has been certified to be part of our program. 

What does this mean? It clearly means that professional salons / spas are back in control again. They are in control with legal agreements defining the relationship between the professional salon / spa and the manufacturer, as well as how product is defined, promoted and eventually sold. 

It means that professional salons / spas and their stylists and aestheticians can now conduct in- salon/spa services with products that are designed specifically for them and that cannot be found anywhere but in one of our certified network distribution centers. Our formal and legal agreements will be the foundation to staying the course and used when necessary to maintain control of our channel of distribution.  If you are into leadership, mentoring, and coaching, you are at the right place. Our only objective is to support your Team with solid and functional education in building and growing your Dream. The long-term objective is to align with the many professionals looking for a solid, salon/spa exclusive line and helping them develop their strategies for consistent long-term growth that will ultimately impact their financial lives.  

Our Mission Statement says it all. Our iSuccess© Professional Salon / Spa Business Building Program is focused specifically on supporting the many professional stylists and aestheticians working within the Professional Salon Industry that need and are looking for a professional, exclusive line of products supporting them with professional only products, systems for use and movement, professional education, and company support. Our emphasis is on controlling the distribution of our products to stay exclusive and professional only through our national network of Certified salons and spas. We are committed to keeping the salon / spa as the only professional distribution center in our business model. We challenge all professional hairstylists / aestheticians to join our Cause – Keeping professional hair and skin care products exclusive to the professional salon / spa.  

The process starts with communication between the salon/spa and the company. Throughout the vetting process, salon/spa management will come to realize the importance of aligning with our forward minded company and the many benefits that accrue to the many salons/spas that are part of this diverse group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Once certified, the next step is placing the opening order, which comes in several options, depending on your salon size. The opening order will be supported with an educational class defining each product and its features and benefits, as well as their application to your clients. From this point on, YHS will provide ongoing marketing and promotion support to help you make a success of the opportunity We will be expanding the line over time to cover all segments of the salon or spa’s business. Our ultimate objective is to offer professional salons/spas a full concept program that supports the optimum Wellness trend, which has been gathering steam for close to thirty years.  

Join our Cause which is focused on keeping Professional Only products, for Professionals only. Once we develop a national base of salons and spas that truly understand the value and efficacy of such a program, we will be able to expand the line and our educational efforts in professional salons and spas. Join us today and ensure your future and its opportunity meets your expectations for a truly unified professional industry. 

Opening order 

Opening orders come in a variety of options, starting with a Try Me Kit and expanding to our Cornerstone 100 Salon/Spa Program.

Inventory Control 

A basic Inventory Control Sheet will be used by all of our salons/spas to maintain their inventory using a system that is easy to use and maintain. This sheet will be their guide for ordering and understanding the speed of movement for all products and their guide for what is needed at any given point in time. 

Educational Support 
Educational support at every level will be handled through our YHS Affiliate Program, which is unique to our company and supports the direction we are taking, which is “Keeping Professional products “Professional Only.” 

The Affiliate program with its three levels of expertise and experience will build strong relationships with our salon/spa base and be available for all types of education focused on the professional salon/spa. 

Our efforts will support the many varied areas of study that are key and necessary for sustained growth on the Service side, as well as the Movement of Professional Home Care products. The Salon/Spa always does better when it recognizes the two income streams that are the foundation of revenue, namely the Service income stream and the Professional Home Care income stream. 

Our goal is to secure and endorse the professional Salon/Spa as the centerpiece and showcase for professional only products that work supporting salon services, as well as the movement of Professional Home Care products as maintenance for the Salon/Spa service. 

We will also be using Social Media to broadcast our “Professional Only” message to mass market, while adding value and branding to our line. 

Our Registry of Classes covers basic product knowledge, Hair Cutting techniques, Color techniques, Business basics, Professional Home Care movement, Communication skills, People Skills, Motivation, and so much more. 

Contact Information:

James Hobart. COO. 213 276 4588.