Introducing YHS Management Team

YAlan Benfield Bush has created and launched YHS ~ Your Haircare System with an innovative new set of multi-purpose professional hair color enhancers, conditioners, shine therapies, styling and texturizing products. YHS Haircare has an exciting new management team.

Mario Lopez Your Haircare System

Mario Lopez

As the new YHS Vice President of Sales & Operations, Lopez will work directly with affiliated salons, salon chains, and independent hair designers. His goal is to help educate salon professionals on YHS haircare services and retail programs, while also providing a sell-through marketing program. Lopez began his early career in the financial and investments industries. He worked for the Maly’s Beauty Distribution Company for many years where he quickly developed a passion for the beauty business. He then worked directly John Paul Jones DeJoria and the JPMS Team on the successful re-establishment of their brand, before he moved to Dermalogica Skincare. He then helped to launch Colure Haircare, before joining Alan Benfield Bush at YHS Haircare. As a savvy educational and marketing driven sales executive and certified lifestyle coach with over 20 years of professional beauty care experience, he plans to help launch the YHS Haircare System with an innovative education, branding, and personal development approach.

Alan Benfield Bush – Your Haircare System

Alan Benfield Bush

Internationally acclaimed, Bush is most famous for discovering and creating ‘The Method’ for the creation of all innovative hair designs. Vidal Sassoon was once quoted saying, “Alan, your teaching ability amazes me and many others! You have put the language to the craft.” In 1983, Bush established the Alan Benfield Bush Academy. As one of the most recognized hair icons in the professional salon industry; his primary focus remains to touch the lives and hearts of hair designers using his advanced techniques of The Method. Bush wants to help each hairdresser feel a sense of euphoria with empowerment by only selling exclusive professional haircare products through them.  

YHS Haircare

Your Haircare System

Pronounced like “Yes”; the YHS Haircare System is moving forward with the new times and with the newest special ingredients. Bush notes, “It really is now time for the salon industry to become as green as possible while meeting the needs of every salon professional and their valued clients. YHS is a registered vegan haircare system that is safe, organic and cruelty-free. This will be the only professional haircare system that will sell through the hairdresser.  This truly is a unique haircare system designed by hairdressers for hairdressers. We will keep YHS as an exclusive professional salon product with guaranteed zero diversion to any and all retail sales outlets.” The YHS Haircare system can be easily mixed to add extra versatility. With exclusive online ordering, available to licensed professionals and the opportunity for maximized profitability, you will be empowered to enrich yourself and to maximize your creative work. 

Your Haircare System will be sold directly to salons and licensed salon hair designers, allowing you to have exclusively protected professional products. For more information about YHS Haircare, contact Sonia Velasco at, Mario Lopez at or Alan Benfield Bush at or visit